Jim Lannin
The HeritageSleuth

In 1986, Jim Lannin built his first personal computer. He is a largely self-taught computer geek. In 2003 when he attended a Lannin Family reunion in Illinois with about 100 members of his extended family, he realized that he had a large and diverse family, with relatives of many ethnic backgrounds.

Since then, he has become an avid genealogist, searching out ancestors from Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Ukraine, Scotland, and of course, the United States. His family tree now exceeds 3,500, and continues to grow.

His tree can be viewed on Lannin-Mullen.com, which is currently going through a major upgrade. Through building that tree, it became apparent that there is a lack of clear, user friendly, information technology to connect the individual genealogist with the resources they need. The result is the genealogy portal, HeritageSleuth.com. Please feel free to utilize it’s powerful components as you “Climb Your Family Tree”!